About Us

About Us

We’re passionate about speed and exercise from a very young age and exploring the world from very close to the ground. This is when we come in, to help you find the best roof box for your car and needs.

This website is all about Pedal cars and go karts to help with advice and giving guides to these awesome creations which are not just for children, but for us adults too.

All of our guides are fully researched by myself or our team of writers, all pedal car fans and many are parents looking for their children to help make informed buying decisions.

We are affiliates to Amazon and other companies and do make a small commission if you purchase an item, at no extra cost to you. The small amounts of money we receive helps us to buy more cars to review so we can bring you more helpful information to save you time and money.

If you have any questions or comments about our website then please get in touch.

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Website Editor

Who’s involved at Pedal-Cart.com?

Hi, I’m Jym. I am the senior editor at Pedal-Cart.com. I’m a dad, taxi, head toy buyer, and general mischief bringer to my family of 3 with a young son. I’ve been building sites for many years and after much nagging and further investigation looking for reviews of Pedal Go Karts from my son, I felt I needed to make a site to cater for my needs. 

One of my oldest memories was the Christmas, I received my first Pedal Go Kart, a Kettler KettCar, for months I spent hours just riding about the streets until I moved onto petrol-driven go-karts. But now I’m back looking at the most special of vehicles and really there isn’t much that can beat a Pedal Car.