Best Pedal Go-Kart for 10-Year-Olds (2020) – Buyers guide

Finding a decent pedal go-kart for a 10-year-old can be a bit on the tough side. After all, there are so many out there to choose from, but at this sort of age, your child is going to be rather picky. 

Luckily for you, we have put together this list of what we believe are the best pedal go-karts on the market. Let’s dive in!

This is a pretty unique go-kart, in so far as the fact that it has been designed by the company that produces Nerf guns. Why are they producing go-karts? Well, if you look at the design of this go-kart, you will see that there is a handy little holder for Nerf guns. Your child can stick their Nerf in there and drive around shooting to the heart’s content.


Now, we admit that this is a go-kart that can be pretty niche. Your child needs to own Nerf guns to use the main selling point. But, let’s be honest, most kids do have Nerf guns, or at least something similar.


That being said, even if you take away the Nerf guns, it is an easy go-kart to ride in, and pretty safe. It is one of only a few go-karts at this price point that has a clutch, for instance. While it can be a bit small for the larger children (this is more for ages 8 to early 10), they are going to have a ton of fun before they outgrow it.


The Nerf Battle Racer can hold up to 120lbs in weight.


  • Easy to control
  • A ton of fun once Nerf guns are hooked up to it.


  • If your child doesn’t use Nerf guns, then some of the features are pointless.
  • Can be a bit small for the larger children

Hauck Sirocco

Hauck is known for making some pretty solid go-karts, and the Hauck Sirocco is absolutely no exception to this rule. In fact, that is probably one of the better go-karts for 10-year-olds. It is available in two colors too; green and pink. The latter color is a surprise since there are actually very few pink go-karts on the market.


Perhaps the only ‘stand-out’ feature on the Hauck Sirocco is the auto-clutch. Now, you may think that this is a bad thing, but we genuinely believe it isn’t. Since this go-kart isn’t exactly brimming with features, it means that the design is simplistic. When the design is simplistic, it allows the designers to focus on ensuring that the go-kart functions as well as it possibly can.


This is a welded unit, which mean that it is going to take quite a lot of use, and you still will not see any issues with it.


Perhaps the only real issue with this go-kart is its size. In the Hauck marketing materials, they claim that the Sirocco can hold people up to the age of 12. However, we think a medium size 10-year-old is going to be the cap for this. The only way a 12-year-old is getting into this go-kart is if they are tiny.

This pedal go-kart weighs 28lbs.


  • The auto-clutch makes riding easier
  • Fantastically well-built. This would last years.


  • A 10-year-old is likely to outgrow this quickly.
  • Not brilliant for off-road


Berg Toys Ford Mustang GT Pedal Go-Kart

Berg is well known for creating some fantastic go-karts based around some of the coolest vehicles in the world. This one is based upon the classic Ford Mustang GT, and it is a real treat to look at.


Berg makes fantastic go-karts, and this one isn’t an exception. The braking is pretty unique on this and, in our opinion, increases safety. For quick braking, all you need to do is pedal backward. Of course, the go-kart also has a reverse option if you need it.


Since the Berg Toys Ford Mustang GT has air-filled tires, this go-kart is going to be suitable for off-roading. The ride should be pretty smooth. Although, do bear in mind that you should try to avoid sharp objects.


Unlike some of the other go-karts on this list, this particular one is likely to see somebody through past their tenth birthday. It will probably be a little bit of a squeeze trying to get onto this in the teen years but, before that, it should be fine. The 180lb max capacity is pretty substantial for a go-kart.



  • Larger than a few of the other go-karts on the market.
  • Air-filled tires help to provide a smoother ride.


  • The front decal looks a little ‘cheap’ but can easily be removed.
  • Air-filled tires are prone to popping on certain surfaces.

Berg Go-Kart Rally

We are not going to talk about how amazing Berg are here. You already know that they produce superb go-karts that drive smoothly and are easy to control for the child. Instead, we want to focus specifically on what the Go-Kart Rally brings to the table.


As the name suggests, this is very much a go-kart for riding off-road. Although, do bear in mind that there isn’t a suspension so the ride can be a little bit uncomfortable. However, because it is made for off-roading, the go-kart is solidly built and can take a decent pounding.


This go-kart can hold up to 176lbs in weight, which should be fine for most 10-year-olds, and even allow use into the early teens. 


  • Can be driven on most surfaces. This includes indoors and a bit of light off-roading.
  • Plenty of space for a child to grow into it. Can likely be used into early teens.


  • There were quality control issues with this go-kart in the past, but they have now been rectified.
  • No suspension, so not as great ‘off-road’ as the manufacturer would like you to believe.

Drunk Busters Pedal Go-Kart

Now, this is a pedal go-kart that are more-often used by law enforcement and schools as a ‘training aid’ than it is as a general fun go-kart, but we see no reason why a 10-year-old wouldn’t have fun with this.


Now, the intention of this go-kart, at least when used by the police force, is to teach people what it is like to drive drunk. Since we can’t imagine your 10-year-old is going to be getting drunk any time soon, this is unlikely to be the purpose you will use it for.


Now, this is where the Drunk Busters Pedal Go-Kart gets awesome. Since it has been specifically designed for use regularly, it is going to function well in the long term. Since adults can use this (it has been pretty much designed for adults), your 10-year-old will even be able to grow into it. You can’t say the same for most other go-karts on the market.


It drives surprisingly well too. Everything is easy to reach, and the steering is tremendous. It even takes less than fifteen minutes to assemble out of the box, which surprised us when we first saw it. This really is a fantastic go-kart for just about everybody that wants a go-kart, particularly a 10-year-old child.



  • Solidly-built
  • Quick, and easy to put together.


  • It isn’t really designed as a toy go-kart.
  • May be a little too large for smaller 10-year-olds

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