Best Pedal Go-Karts Under $200 (2020) – Buyers guide


With a plethora of pedal go-karts on the market, it can be nigh on impossible to work out which ones are good, and which ones leave a lot to be desired.

We hope this list of the best kid’s go-karts under $200 will go a long way to helping you find the right one for your younger child at the right budget.

AGE 2-5

Kicking off our list of the best go-kart under $200 is this offering from Berg. While this particular go-kart isn’t necessarily brimming with features, it is the perfect go-kart for the youngest of children.


It is worth noting that this is not really a pedal go-kart designed to be used outdoors. While it can be, we do want to point out that there are no brakes on it. So, it isn’t one that you should be taking out in the street. Instead, it is a go-kart designed for ‘at home’ use. It is small enough for your child to ride around the house or yard, for example.


While this go-kart is designed for the youngest of children, there is a surprising amount of adjustment on the seat. This means that your child should be able to get a good few years of use out of it. It is certainly built well enough to last that long, even if your child does end up banging it about quite a bit.


This really is the perfect go-kart for parents who want to buy their children an awesome toy that their child can use around the home. Throw in the fact that will give them some exercise, and you really have the perfect toy on your hands here. 


  • Quick and easy to put together
  • Easy to control. This makes it the ideal ‘starter’ go-kart.


  • Doesn’t have brakes
  • Pedals are only for the smallest of feet

Berg Pedal Car Buzzy Jeep Sahara

AGE 2-5

As you will likely notice with many go-karts on the market, this one has been designed to look like a common vehicle i.e. the Jeep, and despite being a children’s toy, it manages to accomplish this ridiculously well.


While this is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and shouldn’t in theory be able to travel off-road, a lot of people have reported that it can tackle a few bumpy surfaces here and there. This means that you should be fine having this ridden both around your home and in the yard. However, if you are planning on taking your child into a heavily rocky or hilly area, this pedal car probably won’t do.


While there are not any brakes on this, mostly because it is unlikely your child is going to be anywhere that need brakes, it is still easy to control. Despite being a children’s toy, the pedalling action and the steering is very, very smooth. This means that your child, even at a young age, will be able to cruise around with absolute ease.


Of course, this is a Berg pedal go-kart, so you know it is going to be well-built and easy to put together.



  • Solidly-built. Will easily last years.
  • Quality tires are ideal for riding outdoors


  • Is a little bit on the small side. Not really for children over the age of 4.
  • Only real wheel drive, which makes it tough to ride over some surfaces.



Costzon Go-Kart

AGE 3-8

Next up on our list is this Costzon Go-Kart.


This go-kart has a little bit more going on with it in comparison to the previous two options. As a result, you would think that it is a bit harder to control. It isn’t. While it does have a brake and a forward/reverse gear, both are perfectly placed to ensure quick and smooth operation by a child.


This is a go-kart designed to last a long time. Not just in terms of build quality, but the overall size of it. The fully adjustable seat will accommodate most children from the age of 3 up to 8. Although, you may find that 8-year-olds that are on the larger side of things may feel a bit uncomfortable on the go-kart.


Your child should be fine riding on most surfaces with this go-kart. It has a four-wheel operation, and the tires should be able to provide a decent amount of grip. However, do bear in mind that the tires are simply hard plastic wrapped in a bit of rubber. This means that they can wear down quickly, and they may not provide the best suspension possible.



  • Can be ridden on a multitude of different surfaces
  • Small enough to be stored in the car’s trunk for a ‘day trip’



  • In the past, there were quality issues with this go-kart, but they seem to have been cleared up.
  • The instructions to put it together are not the best

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go-Kart

AGE 3-7

Let’s be honest, nearly every child wants to be Batman, and this go-kart from Hauck will bring their dream a little closer to reality. This Batmobile inspired go-kart is one of the most awesomely designed go-karts on the market. Hauck hasn’t taken a half-hearted approach to its design. It genuinely does look good.


Even the design is fantastic. The steering wheel and braking system are surprisingly good for a kid’s go-kart. They both function incredibly well, and can even help to ‘train’ your children to ride some larger go-karts as they outgrow this one.


This go-kart can even be used outdoors. Once again, the tires are hard plastic covered in rubber, so they will wear down after a few years. However, they still provide a smooth ride over most surfaces. The tires will also not scratch the beautiful floors in your home if it is a rainy day and your child needs to do their Batman impressions indoors.



  • It looks stylish. The main selling point of this product.
  • Easy to ride


  • The decals will peel off overtime, sadly.
  • Probably not ideal for the older children (7 and above) despite go-kart claiming it can accommodate.

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