What is a Pedal Go Kart?

A pedal go-kart is a go-kart that functions in much the same way as a bicycle. Rather than using downward momentum or an electric motor to propel the go-kart forward, everything is controlled by good, old-fashioned pedal power.

Due to the way in which pedal go-karts function, they are a hit among adults and children alike. Let’s take a little look, shall we?


What is a Pedal Go-Kart?

A pedal go-kart is operated via pedals, much in the same way you would operate a bicycle. In order to move forward, you just ‘cycle’ the pedals. In fact, the cycling mechanism is so similar to that of a bicycle that it is dead simple to jump between the two. If your child knows how to ride a bike, then they will know how to use a pedal go-kart.

Of course, there is a major difference between a pedal go-kart and a bicycle. For starters; a go-kart has four wheels.

A pedal go-kart sits close to the ground, and sort of looks like a mini race car. In fact, it is not uncommon to find adults racing these. The go-kart rider will have a small steering wheel that they can use to control the movement of the pedal go-kart, much in the same way a car is controlled. There is a brake within easy reach to allow the go-kart to slow down quickly.

That’s really all there is to it. A pedal go-kart is a go-kart that functions on pedal power. This is different from the old soap box racers that would rely on gravity (i.e. you needed to race down a hill), and more recent go-karts that have electric motors built into them. Their simplicity and ease of control mean that they are a perfect option for children to use.


What are the benefits of a Pedal Go-Kart?

There are several advantages to a pedal go-kart over other types of go-kart.

Perhaps the ‘main’ advantage is that pedal go-karts only really move when you are pedalling. This, of course, is going to be providing a decent amount of exercise. It actually requires a lot more effort to move a pedal go-kart (due to the higher weight) than it does a bicycle, which means that if you want your child to be exercising more, then a go-kart is a fantastic option.

They are a great deal simpler to use than other go-kart options too. Obviously, if you want a traditional soap box go-kart, then you need a hill to ride it down. No hill? Well, the go-kart isn’t going to work. If you have an electric go-kart, then you need to worry about setting the right speed and learning how all the controls work, etc. None of these are issues with a good pedal go-kart. They are intuitive to use. You just pedal and steer. Anybody can do that. In fact, they are so intuitive that most of the go-karts designed for toddlers to operate with pedals. If a toddler can ride one of these, any child can.

Pedal Go-Karts can be ridden just about anywhere too. Most tend to be rather ruggedly built. You do not need a hill. You do not need to worry about charging them. You just pull it out, and your child can ride the pedal go-kart to their heart’s content. Most are fully capable of being ridden off-road too, which is something that many other types of go-kart cannot accomplish.

Of course, most children are not too fussed about these advantages. Most children just have a ton of fun riding their pedal go-kart. If you buy one for a child, then they will love playing with it. There is something so much cooler about riding a go-kart. Your child will really enjoy it. Check out our guide to Best Pedal Go-Karts Under $200

Are Pedal Go-Karts Safe For Children?

The most common question parents have is whether pedal go-karts are safe for children. Our answer? They absolutely are! In fact, safety is at the forefront of the designer’s mind when they design these cool little vehicles.

As we mentioned before; most pedal go-karts will both be easy to steer and have a brake on them. If you want your child to be safe while riding the pedal go-kart, then ensure that they know how to steer properly and how they should be braking. Remember; you can also teach them to slow down by how they move the pedals. If you teach them this basic knowledge, then you will be eliminating the chance of most accidents.  If you want to check out more we have already written a handy little safety guide.

It is worth noting that pedal go-karts do sit a bit lower to the floor than a bicycle. This means that they shouldn’t be used too close to the road. A driver wouldn’t be able to see them. That being said, you probably shouldn’t be encouraging your child to use the go-kart close to the road in the first place. 

That being said, pedal go-karts are often a bit safer than bicycles. Because they operate on four wheels and do sit closer to the ground, they are going to be a lot more stable to ride. It is going to be nigh on impossible to fall off a go-kart when it is being used ‘normally’. This is why most parents love pedal go-karts. Their very design is what makes them so safe to ride.

Of course, if your child is going to be riding a pedal go-kart, you probably will need to kit them out with some decent safety equipment. As safe as they are to ride, accidents can happen. Make sure your child has head protection, knee protection, and elbow protection. This could help to prevent a serious injury when they are using their pedal go-kart.

Remember; while the definition of a pedal go-kart is rather simple, there are a lot of different pedal go-karts on the market. They all function in a slightly different way and are, of course, designed for slightly different purposes. If you want your child to have the most amount of fun with their pedal go-kart, it is probably worth doing your research to ensure you buy the right product for them