Hot Wheels XL Pedal Go-Kart by Hauck Review (2021)

Hauck Lightning Review

The Hot Wheels XL Pedal Go-Kart from Hauck is just about every young’ boy’s dream. After all, who wouldn’t want to cruise around in their own Hot Wheels car? But does this go-kart bring anything to the table beyond stylish good-looks? Let’s take a look!

Hot Wheels XL Pedal Go-Kart: At a Glance

  • Suggested age range: 4 to 12-years old
  • Maximum capacity: 60kg (130lbs)
  • Adjustable seat
  • Auto clutch
  • Handbrake
  • Rubber tires
  • Requires a small amount of assembly
  • Hot wheels decals

All in all, you get a decent amount for the money that you spend on this go-kart. Although, do bear in mind that you are mostly paying for the ‘brand’ here. If your child doesn’t need Hot Wheels, you will likely find cheaper go-karts on the market, although they will likely still have the same number of features.

The Design

It is likely that the design of the Hot Wheels XL Pedal Go-Kart is going to be the main ‘selling point’. And, believe us, this is a go-kart that really does look the part.

Hauck hasn’t just thrown some decals onto their go-kart and called it a day. The entire front of the go-kart has been molded around what one could expect a Hot Wheels car to look like. Any kid is going to be loving this design. 

Age Range

This go-kart has been designed for children from 4 up until the age of 12. There is a huge amount of adjustment in the seat, so it is really one of those go-karts that people can grow up with.

Normally, with go-karts, you will find that many of them only cover the full quoted age range if the person at the maximum end of things is small for their age. Not this one. We have seen reports of adults being able to drive these things fairly comfortably. Obviously, they shouldn’t as they will likely exceed the weight limit, but it does go to show just how much adjustment there is there.

We think our only major concern here harks back to the decals of the go-kart. While Hot Wheels may be cool when you are 5-8, a lot of kids older than this may find it a bit anti-cool. Thankfully, you should be able to remove the decals for older children.

Anybody that has owned a Hauck go-kart before will know that they have been constructed to an incredibly high standard. They have to be. Most of them have been built for a rather extensive age range.

This particular go-kart is anti-corrosion and solidly built. There is easily a go-kart that will provide many years of use without faltering. Although, some people have reported that the front piece can come a bit loose on occasion. However, if you want your child to be riding their go-kart safely, you should be checking this sort of thing regularly anyway.

Driving the Hauck Hot Wheels XL Pedal Go-Kart

This is the most important part, right? Everything else can fall into place, but if it isn’t fun to drive, then it is going to be a terrible go-kart. Thankfully, Hauck lives up to the exceedingly high expectations that they have placed on them here.

At the center of the construction is a quality chain. In fact, by all accounts, one of the best that Hauck has put on their products. This chain has an incredibly smooth action, and it is simple to pedal with, even after years and years of use.

The steering is ‘on point’, and the go-kart can even tackle the tightest of corners with ease. Of course, there is also a handbrake on the side which will allow your child to slow down quickly and stay safe while they are ‘out and about’. This go-kart truly is going to be a joy for them to be using.

Our one concern will be the tires. They are not air-filled. So while, as we said, the go-kart should be fine for a bit of off-roading fun, it should only be a small amount of off-roading. This is a go-kart that has mostly been constructed to be comfortable to ride indoors, on paved surfaces, and maybe on a small amount of grass and mud. We wouldn’t really encourage the use through wooded land or anything like that.


Assembly of this go-kart should be fairly quick. It shouldn’t take any more than thirty minutes. However, some people have suggested that you read the instruction manual carefully because, like with many Hauck go-karts, it can be easy to miss a step or two.


  • Fantastic looks
  • Easy to ride
  • A huge amount of adjustment on the seat.


  • Some people report the decals can come off easily
  • Older children may not want to be riding around in a Hot Wheels-themed go-kart.


A definite winner for Kids who love Hot-wheels, the build quality from Hauck is spot on and can be adjusted for many age ranges. Our biggest concern is it’s lack of Off Road ability as the tires aren’t air filled. Overall a great buy should you not need to worry about that